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Holy Eucharist: Sunday at 9AM

NEW Family Centered Eucharist at 5PM. 

Please note, the family centered Eucharist is brand new to us.  It is a work in progress which started on June 14, 2020 in response to the needs of a couple of young families in our parish.  How this service will morph in the future is really up to those who attend.  As stated at Facebook, we can open to any page of the Book of Common Prayer that works best for us and mold this service into what young families desire for it.  (Right now the service is a shortened Eucharist with shortened Sermon.  We hope to incorporate music within a month or so, but want to find out what people want for music.  Come join us and help us to serve you!)

Coffee Hour: Sunday 10:30 AM (Click Here to Access Zoom)

Wednesday Night Happenings: 6:00 PM (Click Here to Access Zoom)

Zoom Meeting ID is our church telephone number: 518-585-4032.  All are welcome to Zoom Meetings!
Unless we run into problems, our Zoom Meetings do not require a password.

2nd Sunday After Pentecost Holy Eucharist: June 14, 2020

(Note: We will be uploading the video, to YouTube.  Until this is complete, the link to the Facebook feed is here:

You Can Worship Everyday!

(And Choose between Eucharist or Morning/Evening Prayer on Sunday!)
(You could even choose Morning Prayer, Eucharist, and Evening Prayer on Sunday!)

Worship From the Church of the Cross:

Worship From the Diocese and the National Church:

The Episcopal Church of the Cross Welcomes You!

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the of Holy Spirit, we bid you welcome to God’s Holy church.  May those who sorrow, find comfort; the weary, rest; the troubled, peace; the stranger, friends; the unhappy, joy; and may all find a sense of God’s presence in this His most Holy Tabernacle.

Sunday Eucharist 9:00AM
(NEW as of June 2020) Family Eucharist 5:00PM

Brunch follows service (soon) – All are welcome

(Effective June 2020: Services with Medical Distancing are now allowed.  We hope to bring our brunch back soon.  Stay tuned!)

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