Government Restrictions and the Church of the Cross

(Updated May 24, 2020)


Reopening the Church of the Cross Under Government Restrictions

We will begin having (at least) two services per weekend but you must reserve your place in these services so we do not exceed the restrictions placed on Religious Organizations by the Governor of New York.  Sign up for services (Saturday 6pm, Sunday 9am) at

Our church is continuing it’s Zoom Coffee Hour at 10:30am on Sunday and its Wednesday Night Events by Zoom at 6:00pm.

For those who still desire a private communion service, you may sign up by family for Eucharist from the Reserve (also at

All public services are subject to the following governmental or diocesan restrictions:

  • All attendees (including readers) must wear masks.  We are attempting to obtain masks for those who forget them.
  • The Priest will wear a mask while distributing the Eucharist.
  • Please wipe down pews with cleaner (which is provided) before and after the service.
  • Please utilize hand sanitizer (provided) as entering the church and before receiving communion.
  • Physical Distancing of six feet between people from different families is required.  Pews are marked.
  • The Peace is suspended except between family members.
  • Eucharist will NOT be administered from the altar rail.  Please line up (maintaining physical distancing between families) to receive directly from the Priest one person at a time.
  • Only the Priest will serve beyond the altar rail.  The Gospel will be read from within the altar rail.
  • The first row of the Gospel side of the church may not be utilized (it is too close to the pulpit).

Tools for Virtual Worship:

“News Releases/E-mails, etc.”

The latest information from our Bishop on COVID-19

From our Rector on COVID-19:

  • Our Church is On the Move: Into Your Home

    • Contact the Rector to sponsor The Great Litany and Holy Eucharist (From Reserve) In Your Home
    • The Rector desires to celebrate Eucharist and Litany in individual homes each day during this public health emergency declaration
    • Please consider making your home available if you are able
    • Otherwise, the Rector will be trying to find ways to bring Spiritual Communion and Prayer to you during this time
    • Stay tuned to this website or to the Diocesan Website
  • Double Down on Prayer and Sacraments! (March 14, 2020)

    • These bullet statements have been superseded by the the Bishop’s Order to Suspend Public Worship.  The remain on this page as a reminder of the desire of this church to INCREASE opportunities for Prayer and Communion during this declared emergency, but for the Bishop’s declaration, this is our response!
    • The Rector will visit any members of the parish who desire communion (in both kinds), prayer, or other sacraments with some restrictions.
    • The Episcopal Church of the Cross is OPEN on Sundays at 9 AM for Eucharist (host only)
    • The Episcopal Church of the Cross will also OPEN on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings at 6 PM for Eucharist from the Reserve (host only) to help counteract any potential reduction in prayer resulting from church closings.  This action will also allow those who do are concerned about distancing to have three additional opportunities for Eucharist.
  • Earlier Statements from our Rector